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                      Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)

Information for Outgoing EURECA-Students

There is a limit of approximately 20 students per academic year per EURECA partner university for the grants.


Admission criteria:

· All applicants must study at Warsaw University of Life Sciences

· All applicants must obtain a Bachelor’s degree (for the moment of the beginning of their mobility semester)

· Since the EURECA Programme is taught in English, all applicants must demonstrate an adequate language proficiency

· The application deadline has to be respected.


Deadline for EURECA exchange and mobility grant applications is 10th October each year
at 12 noon.


Renomination process  take place between 15th and 30th of March.


Step 1
Students enrolled, who want to study at a EURECA partner university (outgoing
student) either in the summer semester  or the winter semester, must apply for
exchange and the student mobility grant at WULS by using the application form


You can support the application process by handing in the documents sooner.

· Selection Criteria
Students will be selected for the mobility grant according to the following selection criteria:

· Min 30 ECTS credits have to be achieved to be eligible for the EURECA exchange programme

· Grants will be primary given to students with specific EU orientation (description in the written composition)

· CV

· Previous education


Necessary Documents for Outgoing  Students:

Application form with signature (Application for EURECA Exchange and Mobility Grant)


1.1 passport photograph with name and date of birth written on the back side

2.Curriculum vitae

3.Written Composition

4.A certified copy of a Bachelor diploma and transcript of record - all grades you made at your university (certified copies of both the original documents and an English translation of the documents are required)

5.Copy of high school diploma

6.Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, other European English Certificates)

7.Proof of nationality

8.Other documents which were recognized by applicants as important.




Please, send all necessary documents together (in 3 copies) with the EURECA application form to the address below.  Applications will not be accepted if documents are missing.

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS)

Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

Department of Organization and Consumption Economics

building 32, room 93
tel. +48 22 59 37 012

Contact person:  Karolina Kolanowska


e-mail: kolanowska.karolina@gmail.com




Selected students for the mobility grant will be nominated to one of their priorities.
Students will know the outcome of their application by end of October. You will be
informed about the outcome by email.

Step 2
After receiving your nomination you have to apply at the selected EURECA partner
university as incoming student.

Overview of EURECA study programme for exchange in the summer semester/periods and the winter semester/periods

Summer semester/periods

TUM - Consumer, Technology and Innovation

AU – Marketing 

WU - Marketing Management 

WU - Consumer Studies 

Winter semester/periods

TUM - Sustainable Consumption 

AU - Consumer Affairs Management 

WU - Consumer Studies 

WU - Marketing Management 


For more information about EURECA study programme for exchange and the addmission criteria at the Host

For more information about EURECA study programme for exchange and the addmission criteria at the Host Universities, please visit:

TUM: http://www.mca.wi.tum.de/information-incoming-eureca-students

AU: http://www.asb.dk/article.aspx?pid=19806

WU: http://www.mme.wur.nl/UK/Consumer+Affairs+Programme+EURECA/


Application Deadlines



Deadline for winter term

Deadline for summer term


May, 1st

November,  1st


May, 31st

October, 31st


July ,15th

December, 1st


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