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                      Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)

Information for Incoming EURECA-Students

All students of the EURECA partner universities who want to study at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS) have to consider the following aspects:

WULS doesn’t offer a MSc. in Consumer Affairs and a double degree.

WULS offers two specialization: Food Policy and Management, and Economics and Managment.

The application procedure must be fished before:

-30th of June for fall semester

-20th of December for spring semester



Your first task is to send all documents before the deadlines: 
– Student Application Form, in 2 copies (obligatory)
- Learning Agreement, in 2 copies (obligatory)
– Housing Application Form (obligatory)

- Language Requirements for incoming exchange students (obligatory)- English Certificate (obligatory on B2 level)
- Transcript of records from your Home University (with all subjects and marks you have done till now)

- digital picture for student ID card (obligatory, see information below)


You can find all forms here: http://www.iro.sggw.pl/category/incoming-students/erasmus/?lang=en



Specialization: Economics and Management

Agnieszka Parlińska, PhD

Position: Local Project Assistant

WULS, Faculty of Economy

Department of European Policy, Public Finance and Marketing, building 6,

room A23

tel. +48 22 59 34 194

e-mail: agnieszka_parlińska@sggw.pl


Specialization: Food Policy and Management

Joanna Kaczorowska, PhD

Position: Local Programme Coordinator

WULS, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences,

Department of Organization and Consumption Economics, building 32, room 1123

tel. +48 22 59 37 137

e-mail: joanna_kaczorowska@sggw.pl





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